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Mental health is one of the biggest challenges of our modern world. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a report from European Parliament summarizes the pre-pandemic impact of mental health in the EU by the following key figures:

84 million people (1 out of 6) are diagnosed with mental health issues; the overall cost of mental health amounts to EUR 600 billion, or 4% of the total EU GDP; the need for mental health and psychosocial support is expected to substantially increase.

Source: European Parliament; Mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

Moreover, the report says that 1 out of 5 people living in the OECD countries at any given time in their life will be experiencing a mental health distress.

Mental health of the population clearly declined during the COVID crisis

The pandemic has changed our lives in so many ways — most of us work from home, social distancing makes us more isolated, and loneliness, stress, depression and anxiety levels are on the rise.

McKinsey learns that the average life satisfaction in Europe, which has consistently led the world in well-being, fell to the lowest level since 1980. Report also states that more than half of our life satisfaction depends on good physical and mental health.

Our long-term prosperity depends on saving lives, sustaining livelihoods, and supporting quality of life.

For employers this means that attention to well-being is mission critical in any recovery plan.

What’s more, actions that employers can take to boost employees’ well-being, such as supporting mental health or job satisfaction, are often surprisingly simple and cost-effective.

Supporting employees’ mental well-being has never been so important as it is now

Wellsome improves employees’ holistic well-being to help businesses build and nurture a healthy, resilient and productive workforce. Our purpose is to create and maintain a positive well-being shift for all your employees.

We put technology and data to work in order to help employees better understand their current state of well-being and provide them easy access to holistic and personalized care – all in a private and confidential way.

On this blog we will share various interesting mental health and well-being resources and keep you up to date on our product development and our approach to holistic care.

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About Wellsome:

Wellsome brings mental health to a modern workplace. We create digital evidence-based well-being resources and provide every employee with an easy access to mental health which combines prevention, prediction and treatment.

Our solution combines the WHO well-being assessment, self help well-being kit, daily well-being learning content, and access to licensed counselors for personalized mental health support.

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