How to prepare for a Wellsome session

Below you can learn some simple best practices on how to prepare for your counseling session(s).

Wellsome will do everything we can, on our end, to make sure your counseling sessions run smoothly. We also monitor the quality of our matching process and the quality of service that our counselors provide. However, some things are on you.

You’re responsible for finding a private and safe location wherein to have your 45 min online counseling session. We recommend finding a space where you can speak freely, without fear of being overheard or interrupted.

You’re also responsible for letting those around you know that you don’t want to be interrupted during your counseling session.

Finally, you should make sure you have a good enough internet connection to attend the video call counseling session.

Cancellation and rescheduling of counseling sessions

We will schedule your counseling session in your calendar and send you a reminder before the session itself.

In case anything comes up and you would like to cancel or reschedule your counseling session, we need 24 hours’ notice. As soon as you know you cannot make it, please email your Wellsome well-being navigator to let them know and to suggest some alternative time slots to reschedule.

If you give us 24 hours’ notice, you can just reschedule the session for another time. If you cancel late (less than 24 hours to the session) or arrive late for the session, we’re going to have to count that session as used, whether you were there or not. (We always pay counselors for booked sessions.)

Last-minute cancellations mean lost counseling sessions – for you, for your counselor, and for anyone on your team who could have used that session instead.