Poor mental health is expensive can be prevented

Mental health has been one of the biggest challenges of our modern world.

1 out of 5 people living in Europe will be experiencing mental health distress in some part of their lives.

Millennials represent about 50% of the global workforce.

They are changing the way people look at and talk about mental health, and they themselves are more likely than previous generations to attend counseling.

Well-being is the number one value of this generation.

More than any other group, millennials factor in benefits like mental health and well-being programs in deciding whether to take or remain in a job.

HBR found out that half of Millennials and 75% of Gen Zers had left roles in the past for mental health reasons, both voluntarily and involuntarily, compared with 34% of respondents overall — a finding that speaks to a generational shift in awareness.

COVID-19 made things worse very rapidly.




Out of all age groups, Millennials are struggling with mental health the most. 92% of them say that the coronavirus pandemic has had a negative impact on their mental health.

We’ve all struggled with one or many of the following areas:


Employers aware of the importance of supporting employee’s mental health and well-being, have an organisational culture of openness, acceptance and awareness. This kind of support includes activities to enable employee’s resilience, helping people understand the link between their mental health and productivity, and educating them what to do when they or their colleagues experience challenging circumstances.

When your employees aren't healthy, your business isn't healthy.

Healthy and engaged employees, in connection with a strong workplace culture, are the key for business success.

Learn more about how Wellsome can bring holistic well-being support to all your employees.

Businesses that don’t prioritize workplace well-being have higher turnover, absenteeism, presenteeism, and a less-engaged workforce. Investing in workplace well-being pays dividends in terms of employee engagement and productivity. 

Our holistic well-being program will help your employees change their lifestyle and make better choices, resulting in higher productivity and better job satisfaction.

How Wellsome works


Capture the well-being pulse of your team. Based on employee’s individual well-being status, Wellsome provides every employee with a tailor made mental health support that best fits their needs and preferences.

Observe how your employees make monthly well-being improvements and how that impacts productivity and employee satisfaction.

Employees’ privacy is fully protected, employers can only observe aggregate team patterns.

wellsome bell curve

Thriving: An average employee’s well-being fluctuates between thriving and struggling and they are largely able to work effectively and productively. This is where employees show high engagement levels and feel connected to their team.

Level of care: To keep employees thriving, we help them better understand how different parts of their well-being are connected and we provide them access to self-care which consists of educational content across six well-being pillars (sleep, movement, nutrition, mental health, stress management and relationships), reflection journal, and mindfulness meditations. Self-help kit is designed to build resiliency.

Employees can access this from anywhere, anytime, at their own pace. 

Suffering: An employee’s mental health and overall well-being is now at such a low point for a long enough period of time that they are suffering. At this point of time an employee usually makes a choice to be absent (take time off from work) or present (continue to work but with significantly reduced capacity due to ill-health). This decision may impact an employee’s well-being in a positive or negative way depending on their personality and work related circumstances.

Level of care: To best support them feeling better we offer a package of individual and confidential counseling sessions with certified and experienced mental health providers. 

Confidential and secure. Counseling sessions are protected with end-to-end encryption. Employees privacy is fully protected and an employer never knows who in their team gets which level of care. 

Wellsome employee well-being platform is about protecting your human capital, your most valuable asset.