All in one platform for your healthy happy calm satisfied resilient motivated self

Based on your current state of well-being, Wellsome provides you easy access to evidence-based care to help you reduce anxiety, regulate stress, avoid burnout, as well as improve sleep, and mental health.

Mindfulness meditations, reflection journal, educational content across 6 well-being pillars (sleep, movement, nutrition, mental health, stress management and relationships), access to personalised mental health support with a licensed counselor.  

Completely private and confidential.

Having difficulties with:

Finding yourself struggling to perform at your best, finding meaning and purpose? We’ve all felt like that at different parts of our lives. It’s ok not to be ok sometimes. You don’t need to struggle alone and in silence anymore.

Wellsome is a platform to help you find the path to your well-being

How Wellsome works

Get to understand yourself better with a weekly well-being pulse using WHO-5 well-being assessment.

Wellsome provides you with a tailor made mental health support that best fits your well-being status.

Fully confidential and secure – your employer never sees your personal data.

Learn how different parts of your well-being are connected. 

Get easy access to self-care which consists of educational content across six well-being pillars (sleep, movement, nutrition, mental health, stress management and relationships), reflection journal, and mindfulness meditations. Self-help kit is designed to help you build resiliency.

Available on every device, anytime and at your own pace.

You experience lots of stress, have troubles sleeping and are overall not feeling well. Your mental health and well-being is at the point where you need personal support. 

To best support you feeling better we connect you with a certified and experienced mental health provider for a tailor made package of individual and confidential counseling.

Your privacy is fully protected. An employer never knows who in their team gets which level of care. 

Our well-being practitioners

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