What is the most valuable part of your company?

If the answer is 'People', Wellsome is made for you!

All-in-one workplace well-being platform to help your team thrive

Wellsome helps companies like yours to better understand and improve your team’s well-being through evidence-based mental health programs and one-to-one counseling sessions in 18 languages.

Reduce sick leave, combat burnout and increase productivity!

There is a big chance your people suffer from poor mental health and burnout

20% of Europeans struggle with poor mental health and since 2019, symptoms of anxiety and depression doubled across the EU population!

More than 50% of people in Europe experienced or felt on the verge of burnout in 2021!

Managers in their 1:1s neither have the capacity nor do they have the proper training and skills to support employee mental health and well-being

Your partner in workplace well-being

From privacy-preserving well-being monitoring to personalized care, tailored to employee’s needs and preferences. 

Data driven insights

Science-based assessments that allow employees to better understand and improve their well-being.

Engagement reports and actionable insights to help understand usage and drive your company’s well-being goals. Fully anonymized and aggregated to preserve users’ privacy.

No more guesswork — Wellsome allows you to measure and improve team well-being as you do with team engagement.

Prevention focus

Personalized well-being suggestions with focus on prevention. 

Resilience-building resources like mindfulness meditations, stress release exercises, sleep stories, movement practices – all available on-demand.

Team well-being rituals that promote people-centred company culture.


Individual support

Easy access to 1:1 counseling with certified mental health provider in 18 languages.

Employees and managers can get personalized and confidential support on various topics like assertiveness training, stress management, burnout prevention, overcoming impostor syndrome, finding focus, resolving conflict, setting healthy boundaries etc.

Impacting organizations who care

High utilisation


The average annual EAP engagement in just 3 months.

Easy and quick access

2-10 days

Time from employee’s counseling request to the counseling session.

High user satisfaction


of users are highly satisfied with the personalised mental health support.

Strong business case

5-8x ROI

Wellsome brings a positive 5€ – 8€ return for every 1€ invested.

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