The team behind Wellsome

Our Mission

Well-being bell curve

Our mission is to prevent burnout from happening in modern workplaces. We create digital evidence-based health resources and provide easy access to mental health which combines prevention, prediction, and treatment. 

We empower every employee to feel happy and healthy, to become more engaged in their work and perform at their very best.

We enable employers to provide their teams with easy access to holistic burnout prevention in order to create healthy and happy work environments that are a cornerstone of successful businesses.

Founders team

Wellsome was created by Bradley, Julian, and Tim. We worked together at the fast-growing B2B tech startup and this is where we experienced the problems we are now trying to solve. 

Julian has suffered from work-related burnout which turned into 9 weeks of sick leave and a later resignation. He then began therapy through German public healthcare and quickly stumbled upon many limitations and shortcomings of that system.  

Many of our close friends and some previous colleagues left their jobs due to hyperstress, burnout, and the lack of mental health support at the workplace.

When Bradley worked at Barclays, he became burnt out and thereafter was introduced to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). He saw firsthand how poor user experience with the EAP was.

Several mental health conditions run in Tim’s family. He has suffered from anxiety and used counseling, coaching, meditation, and yoga to regulate his anxiety level and learn how to better manage stress. 

We‘re all power users of various well-being services and we got to know the mental health market with many of its problems from various sides: as end users paying out of pocket, as employees seeing the lack of employer support around workplace well-being which caused substantial employee turnover, and as friends of mental health service providers discussing their problems to better understand the space.

We’re seeing an increasing need and demand for burnout prevention at the workplace. Talking to many of our friends that work in fast-paced workplaces around Europe, we’ve learned that many of them have also been struggling with burnout. We helped a number of them to get support through counseling and coaching. Today they all have better awareness and stronger resiliency compared to the time when we first spoke about their struggles. 

We’re here to help employers better understand their team’s mental health and make burnout prevention easily accessible to every employee that needs such support.

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