Our purpose

Wellsome improves employees’ holistic well-being to help businesses build and nurture a healthy, resilient and productive workforce. 

Our purpose is to create and maintain a positive well-being shift for all your employees.

We put technology and data to work in order to help employees better understand their current state of well-being and provide them easy access to holistic and personalized care – all in a private and confidential way. 

Our care approach


Wellsome help employees better understand their state of well-being using the World Health Organisation — Five Well-Being Index (WHO-5). Employees get access to educational material across all six well-being pillars: sleep, movement, nutrition, mental health, stress management and relationships.

Evidence based

We provide a comprehensive combination of actionable evidence-based methods like mindfulness, as well as counseling using Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Preventative focus

Our approach is to meet every employee where they are and help them improve their state of well-being before they find themselves suffering with mental health distress.


Based on their current state of well-being, each employee will get support that is best tailored to their needs. The ones who need and want personal mental health support get matched with a vetted and certified mental health practitioner. 


Employees can measure their state of well-being and learn to form positive habits to improve their well-being.
Employers get insights into their team well-being through anonymised aggregated data.


We ensure the highest quality of mental health providers in the network by carefully vetting our providers. We also make quality assurance assessments and periodically measure user satisfaction.

Confidential and secure

GDPR compliant platform, high data privacy standards, counseling protected by encryption.
An employer will never get access to employee’s personal well-being data, nor will they know the level of care a specific employee is receiving.

Ready to help your team improve their well-being and mental health?